Drip Edge Flashing Do You Know Your Requirements?

Best Local master contractors - Service Tech Forum Forums - Get free quotes - home roof types, rubber flat roof, aluminium roof, roof repair. When it is installed too tightly against the fascia board, it is impossible to get the upper edge of the gutter behind the drip edge. But a drip edge also needs to be installed with some space between the drip edge and the fascia board. And what this means is that water can still run behind the gutter and not into it ? where it shouldn?t go ..More

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Why Do Roofs Leak?

Best Local licensed contractors - Helpful Links - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - Free contractor estimates - slate roof installation, roof pointing, metal roof leak repair, flat roof solutions. It has to go somewhere and you can?t depend on evaporation to solve the problem. If you don't get the water off the roof there?s a good chance that it is going to find its way into your building. Proper drainage is prerequisite for roof design ..More

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Mortgage Company Endorsements for Insurance Checks

Top 10 certified contractors - Code Compliance Blogs - If you would like more information on this subject please browse through our pages. As soon as you find out your claim has been approved and funded, call your mortgage company to ask them specifically what steps they require you to go through to get it endorsed. The second payment is the recoverable depreciation part of a replacement cost value policy. The first payment is part of the actual cash value payment. Almost all insurance companies will release funds over two payments. The more you find out in the initial conversation, the more smoothly the process will go. Either way the sooner you begin the easier it will be for you to begin working with a contractor and ultimately to pay the contractor the final payment when all work is completed. We?ve found that in Colorado the local Credit unions that have given home loans are easy to work with when a mortgage check needs to be endorsed. In addition, Wells Fargo local branches seem to always have a willingamanager that has the ability to endorse a mortgage company check that has been listed as an endorsee on a check for a property insurance claim. Get free estimates - tar roof repair, roof leak detection, roofing for flat roofs, flat roof leak repair. If you?re a lucky homeowner than you may have a local branch with a management staff that?s able to endorse the mortgage company check for you. Some require a W-9 from your contractor. Sometimes homeowners are required to schedule inspections by a mortgage company representative upon completion. There are some other banking institutions that the process is quite simple, however don't be surprised if it takes a lot longer than you expect. Many or the largest banking institutions are located in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. Other institutions are scattered throughout the nation. If there is not a local branch in which you may take it, write down the address to which to send it. I?m assuming that you have a replacement cost value policy. Write down which documents you will need to provide them. Many roofing companies in Colorado Springs should have the ability to provide all necessary mortgage company documentation. Most want a copy of the insurance loss statement, and some require contractor affidavits and release of lien documents that have to be notarized by your contractors. It varies between companies ..More

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