Forum Title: i feel ready to give up
I have no work. next week I'll be calling my old bosses and asking them if they need a carpenter. have to get by the next few months until some more work comes along. been bidding jobs like crazy, maybe my bids were to high, but i know for a fact people are working for pennies. some people tell me to just pay my guys dirt, and eek by. for all that i would've kept my previous job. what's the point of starting a business. the worst part of it is i feel DUMB. doubting myself at every turn now, trying to drop prices but good guys won't work for $12 an hour, they will laugh at me. maybe i just can't estimate properly, but i can't be that far off. a few months ago things were good, i was expanding, growing, hustling. today i am faced with no work, and just enough money left to tie the knots. Been doing this a long time, and i just can't see why it's not floating. a year ago, when i started the business, i didn't think it would be this bad. just venting.....thanks for listening.
Category: Drywall Post By: JANE BROOKS (Springfield, OR), 02/25/2018

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